Spider booms solve height access challenges

For height access challenges on uneven ground, spider booms provide a comprehensive solution. Take this photograph for example, showing an Oil & Steel spider boom used for accessing the roof of a house.

Its “spider leg like” outriggers, allow the spider boom to be positioned across both the road and the pavement, taking into account the difference in height, and spreading the weight of the platform evenly across the ground. The operator is able to access the front of the roof and extend the boom up-and-over the roof if required.
The Octoplus 21 provides the greatest outreach of the Oil & Steel spider booms at 10.6m.

Spider booms are mounted on caterpillar type crawler tracks, meaning they can access hard to reach locations easily and their compact dimensions allow them to manoeuvre safely in built-up, residential areas and even travel through doors and alleyways.

Oil & Steel spider booms are quick to set up and simple to use with intuitive controls, making your work day more productive.

Oil and Steel Function Focus
The Oil & Steel Octopus 14 has a stowed width of just 0.78m, ideal to pass through a single doorway.
Oil-and-Steel-Spider booms solve height access challenges

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