Oil&Steel offers a full range of training so our customers and users of our platforms can work at height safely and productively at all time.

All training is delivered by Hird, the Oil&Steel UK authorised dealer, which delivers IPAF-accredited training.

Training can be provided at any one of Hird’s four IPAF training centres across the UK or, if facilities are appropriate, at customer worksites.

Platform familiarisation 

As part of your purchase of Oil&Steel tracked spider platforms or truck mounted aerial platforms, we will go through a familiarisation process with your personnel.

This will ensure your team members are aware of the specific operating systems that give our platforms their performance advantage.

IPAF access platform training

We can also deliver IPAF training courses for any kind of mobile elevating working platform (MEWP).

Spider platforms and truck mounted platforms are categorised as 1B machines by IPAF.

This refers to self-propelled booms with outriggers, vehicle-mounted platforms and trailer or push-around platforms.

IPAF - Access Platform Training

IPAF 1B training – course details

Areas of instruction include:

  • Awareness of health and safety regulation, accident prevention and control
  • Safe operation of static self-propelled booms and their limitations
  • Pre-use checks, inspection and function tests
  • Route planning before operation of static self-propelled booms
  • Manoeuvring the machine
  • Setting up a static vertical platform for work
  • Basic operational skills
  • Selection and use of fall arrest equipment
Successful candidates receive a PAL (Powered Access Licence) photo ID card for the 1b category, which is valid for 5 years.

IPAF 1B+ training – course details

For operators using static self-propelled booms in higher risk environments, we offer IPAF PAL+ training.

It is an extra one day course of category-specific training with an emphasis on more challenging practical exercises, then written and practical test and individual interviews.

Successful candidates receive a PAL+ Card for the IPAF 1b training category, valid for 5 years.

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