Scorpion 2313 - IVECO - Oil and Steel

Scorpion 2313 – IVECO

The Scorpion 2313 truck mounted platform on an IVECO chassis has a telescopic boom providing a maximum working height of 22.6m and a maximum outreach of 12.2m.

It provides a load capacity of 250kg at a working height of just under 22m, allowing an operator to carry an impressive amount of tools and materials.

The Scorpion truck mount’s impressive set up speed means productivity is optimised, supporting effective multisite working across one working shift. Either aluminium or fibreglass baskets can be supplied, making the Scorpion 2313 an ideal choice for working on overhead power lines.

Max Working Height


Platform Height


Max Working Outreach


Load Capacity

250kg (2 person)

Stowed Height


Stowed Length


Stowed Width


Basket Dimensions

L1400 x W700 x H1100mm

Outrigger Footprint

3815 x 3165mm

Machine Weight


Cabin Air-con

Oil and Steel truck mount with cabin air-con

Electro Hydraulic Outriggers

Oil and Steel truck mount with Electro Hydraulic Outriggers

Personalised Vehicle Livery Wrap

Personalised Vehicle Livery Wrap
Scorpion-2313-IVECO-working-envelope and dimensions

Oil & Steel